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The Ultimate Financial Assistant.

All Your Accounts in One App

Easy-to-Use Interface, Clear insights, and Valuable Trends

  • Combine all your transactions into a single feed.

  • Manage credit and bank accounts across different institutions

  • Create budgets for any type of expense


Auto Categorization

Bloom will auto categorize all your expenses from all your cards in one easy to use feed with categories such as:

  • Food and Drink

  • Groceries

  • Shopping

  • Living Costs

  • Create Custom Categories


Customize Your Expenses

Bloom enables you to customize expenses according to your preferences—add tags, edit categories, and control your experience to suit your needs.

    rent reporting image

    Rent Reporting

    Included in every Bloom subscription is Bloom Rent Reporting! Automatically build your credit profile by reporting your rent payments to the credit bureau through bloom.

    All Your Accounts
    in One App


    Stay on Top of
    Bills & Subscriptions




    Track Spending,
    Start Saving

    Instant Bank Connection:
    Set it, Forget it.

    Bloom lets you link any bank or credit card account directly, providing instant access to all your expenses and subscriptions in one simple easy to use feed. Your security is paramount—rest assured, all your data is encrypted for safekeeping.

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